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Archive: May 2013

Resources – Color.Hailpixel

Color.Hailpixel is a really great, simple, fun, color palette resource. I’ve come across many different options but I think this might be my favorite. It’s super simple and straight forward. It’s a great option to see your exact colors within a browser window and have the hex number ready to use. Your color palette also has it’s own URL, allowing you to come back to it later. Color away! 


Business Cards

Around the time of the launch of the new site I recieved my new business cards in the mail. I’m super excited about how they turned out! The cards are a 2.25″ circle, letterpressed with Pantone Cool Grey 6U, by Mama’s Sauce. Mama’s Sauce was extremely helpful during the process and I can’t recommend them enough.


Design Terms : Widows + Orphans

In design, widows and orphans are short lines of text or single words left at the start and end of paragraphs. A widow is a word or line of text that is forced to stand alone at the start of a page or column. An orphan is a single word that sits alone at the end of a paragraph. Both of these are problematic when typesetting because it causes a rough break in the flow for the reader, interrupting a thought. It can also look bad due to the accidental white space that brings unnecessary attention to the word(s). To fix widows and orphans, simply adjust the space between words or letters.