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Kicking off the week with a look into the all-around creative, Kate Miss‘ work space! Get inspired by her beautiful space and all the amazing things she creates.

Tell us about yourself as a creative.
I do a lot of different creative things, but mainly I’m a graphic designer and jewelry designer that dabbles in photography as well.

Describe your creative journey.
I come from a creative family, so I’ve always been been involved in some type of art my entire life, whether it be fine art, music, photography, or designing websites as a teenager – it was tricky deciding what I wanted to go to school for. But ultimately I chose graphic design because I knew it would be the best path for me to get a job as someone supporting myself. I think it’s a really good base career for a creative person who doesn’t quite know what they want to do because it can pay the bills, and can always lead to other creative endeavors if you decide you need to either being doing something else entirely or want to dabble in other things as well. I love graphic design but I would go out of my mind if it was the only thing I did. Being able to stop and work with my hands making jewelry or leaving my studio to go take photos is pretty dang awesome. I worked as a graphic designer for a few different companies fulltime out of college for about seven years before going freelance fulltime. Best decision I ever made.

Share a little bit about your space.
I joke to my friends that I work in a dungeon, but I know that’s not entirely true. It’s a very weird space – a room in the semi-basement off of the laundry room of an apartment building. I suppose it was originally storage, but it’s perfect for a creative space. My fiance is an artist who uses it nights and weekends and we split it right down the middle – my friend Katie also rents a desk two days a week so I don’t go out of my mind being alone all day. The downside is that it doesn’t get a ton of light and I can’t really see the outside world, but the upside is that it is so, so cheap, five blocks from my apartment, and nice and cool during the summer. Occasionally I’ll look for better spaces that are less raw and have more light, but nothing is as cheap or perfectly sized. I recently repainted and tried to jazz it up a bit more to make it homier. I use a kiln and sand bronze some days, so the rawness of the space is still necessary.

What’s your favorite thing about your space?
That it’s separate from my living space. Working at home prior to this, there were so many distractions! I’d eat all the snacks in the house, randomly decide to do dishes, or lounge on the sofa. Now I can’t do any of that unless I walk home. But luckily, I can walk home fairly quickly, so most days I walk home for lunch and come back within an hour.

What’s one thing you think every creative needs in their space?
A comfortable chair! Some people are crazy about having a pretty chair in their workspaces, and there is pretty much no such thing as a pretty chair that’s doing your back any good. Invest in a good chair and stop caring about how cute it is. Your back will thank you!

Thanks Kate!

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One comment

  1. May 20, 2013

    I love this space! Kate has done a great job without much natural light. And I can totally see the benefit to being in a basement. So. much. cooler.

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