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Spaces Revisit // Cassie Pyle

Since sharing my updated studio space, I’ve been eager to take another look into some previous Spaces visits to see how everyones workspaces  have changed. It’s hard not to make changes as time goes on, especially as a creative. Our ideas and inspirations are always changing, and sometimes even our surroundings. So, I’m especially excited to share a new look into one of my favorite Spaces original, Cassie Pyle of The Veda House. It’s fun to look over her new *beautiful space and see how things have changed! Let’s catch up with Cassie and see what she’s been up to:

Tell us about yourself as a creative.
I’m a freelance Graphic Designer and budding photo stylist working from home and doing what I love. I’m also a contract Visual Designer for Cuyana and compulsive tinker-er.

What are three things you’ve learned over the past year?
This past year has been the start of a big adventure for me. Back in March, I left my full-time job as a Digital Art Director at an advertising agency to pursue projects that really speak to me as a creative soul. Let’s just say that was by far the scariest thing I’ve ever done professionally. You can say that I’ve learned quite a bit from that experience. I’ve learned that there is absolutely no reason why you can’t go after what you really want. I’ve learned that following your heart is usually more rewarding than following your head. I’ve learned that no matter how much you love your job, you’ll always have days that feel overwhelming and days where you’re 100% un-motivated. Most importantly, I think I’ve learned that you are in complete control over your happiness, so go get it!

How has your workspace changed since the last time you shared?
The last time I shared my space here on Eva’s blog I was living in an old shoe factory converted to residential lofts. My creative space was tucked away in a corner and used primarily as a place to surf the internet, respond to emails, and do the occasional freelance project. Since then, my Fiancé and I have moved into an historic town home that was built back in 1870 and was once a brothel! Our space has lots of character, lots of natural light and more built in bookcases that I can fill. Now that I’m working from home everyday, I wanted my space to be one of the brightest corners of the house and to be on the main floor. I was lucky enough to be able to create a work/live space that is cozy and a place I enjoy being everyday.

How do you deal with being creatively blocked?
Honestly, I’m still trying to figure this out. When you’re creatively blocked as a freelance designer, that usually means you’re being unproductive and not bringing in any kind of cash-flow. Terrifying! I’m learning that when I’m feeling creatively blocked or just completely unmotivated, I need to step away from the computer. I’ll go walk the dog, stop by the community garden to check up on my tomatoes, or watch an episode of my favorite television series. Usually just stepping away helps a lot. If that doesn’t work, scrolling through Pinterest or bouncing around on Spotify are my next go-to’s. You really never know where you’ll be inspired.

If you could add one more thing to your workspace what would it be? 
I think I’d have to choose a comfy desk chair. The chair I have now was bought strictly because I loved it’s shape and because it matched the wood tones of my desk. The seat is a thin leather seat and the back is all wood. I LOVE this armchair from West Elm, but I’ll need to find something more appropriately sized to be a desk chair. I think a huge chalkboard wall could be real fun too!

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  1. June 17, 2013

    Lovely! Her original spaces tour is one of my favorites. I adore this series.

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  2. June 17, 2013

    I’m loving the built in book shelfs, too cool. Also, it used to previously be a brothel?! That’s pretty creepingly badass!

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  3. June 17, 2013

    so beautiful! this space is gorgeous, bright and uncluttered. something I need to learn a thing or two from. LOVE seeing other’s workspaces!!

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  4. June 18, 2013

    I love Cassie! Her space is so beautiful as well.

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  5. June 20, 2013

    I’ve been a fan of Cassie’s work + blog for a while…and I love her new space! The minimalism is so peaceful.

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  6. June 22, 2013

    I love this!

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  7. July 15, 2013

    This space is amazing! I love the bright yet subtle colors.

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