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With our new place, we finally have a little space outside. This was something we’d always been craving. Right now, we’ve got a table + chairs (which we frequent at meal times). In fact, my old desk has now been converted to a table outside. Instead of cutting it down to fit in our new place, we opted to leave it as-is and use it outside. Thankfully, due to California’s laid back weather + the use of a tarp, I think it should work just fine. I went ahead and bought these chairs from Ikea. We decided they’d would be a good option with the salty, moist, sea air. I originally loved the White Overstock Tabouret chairs, but being metal, they’d probably rust.

We have a little space left, and we’d love to fill it with a couple lounge chairs. I’ve been on the hunt. Here are a few options I’ve found! I’m hesitant on the Ikea chair, because I’m not sure how comfy it looks?? Anyone try those out?

Threshold Faux Wood Adirondack Chair / White High Back Lounge Chair / Huron Small Lounge / Brommo Chaise Lounge 

Wire Side Table / Martini Side Table / Bubble Ceramic Side Table

We’re also planning on building a little container vegetable garden, which I’ll share on later. We don’t know much about gardening but we’re both pretty excited to give it a try. Any gardening tips?

Find the perfect chairs, string our cafe lights, build a garden + we’ll never leave outside!



  1. September 9, 2014

    Oh, fun! We are total newbies when it comes to gardening, but somehow tomatoes seem to be thriving. So maybe give those a go?

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  2. September 15, 2014

    This Ikea Chair is the bomb. I’m sure it’s the kind of piece that makes a huge impression. Pretty worth it for that price ! Go for it !

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