Design Finds + Updates
Design Finds + Updates


Hey All! As you can see I’ve been MIA, and I’m sure you know why :)

Our little Mabel girl arrived in early March and life has changed (in a great way!) since her arrival. I haven’t jumped back into work yet but I’m starting to get a creative itch, so hopefully I’ll be around more now! Here’s a (fast) update on life in the past few months via Instagram:

+ Our girl arrived March 4th.
+ She has forever changed our lives.
+ Kayla Adams took some Newborn/Family photos of us back in March + we love every single one!
+ We showed Mabel lots of new things!
+ Kayla’s photos + Mabel’s nursery were featured on 100 Layer Cakelet.
+ We took our first family vacay to Hawaii. Babe’s first flight went well!
+ Mabel went swimming for the first time.
+ I finally got around to sending out her birth announcement (three months later) :)
+ She’s so much fun!

I haven’t started any full branding or web projects yet, but I’d love to begin with some smaller lettering projects. If you have any fun lettering needs, shoot me an email! I’d love to work together.

Photos by Kayla Adams


Happy Galentine’s Day

In honor of Galentine’s Day ( Leslie Knope and her lady friends leave their husbands and their boyfriends at home and just kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus, frittatas!” ) I’m sharing a little download for your mobile devices! This XOXO pattern is available as a pretty large file, so you can scale to whatever size screen you might be using!

To Download:
+ Open this link
+ Save image to your mobile device
+ Set as your wallpaper

*This pattern is only available as a personal download. Please do not copy, resell or reuse in any other way. 


Pregnancy Essentials

The last nine months have flown by! Come thursday we’ll be 3 weeks away from our due date. I know I’ve been so quiet during this time, but I’m hoping you understand why. These last nine months have brought excitement, nausea, exhaustion, planning, happiness, etc. At the beginning between nausea and exhaustion, I felt I lost a lot of my creativity. Or maybe just my desire to create. Then as the second trimester came, I gained my energy back but my focus still remained solely on my clients and less on the blog and personal work. I can’t really explain why! I’m thinking it’s just a new chapter in my life. I’m hoping once baby girl is here that maybe the blog will take a  look back on more frequent posts, but we will see! Thank you all for being so encouraging!

I wanted to share with you a few essentials that I’ve been SO thankful for during this time. It’s funny how so many of these items relate to food, but during the first trimester, my way of fighting nausea included keeping my blood sugar up. Here’s a peek a few things I haven’t been able to live without over the past nine months:

Bump Nest Pillow: This pillow my #1 must have item. I’ve always been a belly and back sleeper and when you’re pregnant, you physically can’t sleep on your belly for obvious reasons and you’re really not suppose to sleep on your back either. So this little miracle pillow helps keep me in the correct position (side sleeping) and comfortable in those positions. It took a little getting used to when I first received it, but I haven’t gone a night without using it since. And because of it, I’ve never had any issues sleeping (which is a common issue with pregnancy).

San Pellegrino: This has been a favorite throughout pregnancy. Whether your nauseous or out to dinner (it’s a fancy way to feel you’re drinking a cocktail or soda, without actually drinking one). My favorite way of drinking is either with some fresh fruit or using a little of the flavored San Pellegrino’s mixed with the plain, that way you don’t overload on the sugar.

Snacks/Food: As mentioned above, my way of combating my nausea was by keeping my blood sugar up. This meant eating crackers before getting out of bed (so I wouldn’t get sick), carrying around Trader Joe’s suckers in my purse (these where SO helpful), and making sure we had Kind Bars for a quick pick me up. My other favorite during my entire pregnancy has been eating smoothies. It’s a great way to get vitamins and tons of fresh fruits/veggies.

Apps: There have been quite a few apps I keep turning to, to watch our baby grow. It’s been so fun to learn how she’s progressing as each week goes by. My favorite for this would have to be the Sprout App — this one is  well designed and they have these really amazing illustrations for each week. Another more recent favorite app has been Map My Walk. I’ve been trying to get more and more walking in to try and stay in shape and this has been a great way to track my distance and time.

Now onto Baby Essentials next! If you have little ones, what have been your go-to items?


Recent Work: Alexandra Behr

As we get closer and closer to baby girls arrival, I’m trying to wrap up all active projects and one of these projects included a Logo + Branding project for Alexandra Behr Photography. Alexandra is a portrait photographer based in Peru. She specializes in newborn, family, children, and maternity. Alexandra views each of her projects as works of art, so she wanted her logo to reflect a piece of art as well. We chose to do hand lettering, something that is unique and detailed to her. We also created some watercolor patterns to use throughout her branding + print materials.


Recent Work: Lauren Wells Events

Here’s a peek at a recently wrapped up project for Lauren Wells Events! Lauren came to me wanting a website for her event design business, as well as a little brand update. We took her already established logo and spruced it up by changing the colors a bit and adding a couple arrows. From there I designed a site that reflected Lauren’s work with lots of special details. One being the various hand drawn elements throughout the site, Lauren loved this idea because it reflected her own work process.

Check it out!

Developed by Zoe Rooney.


Nursery: Prints

I’ve been on the lookout for beautiful prints that can add some bright pops of color & inspiration to our babe’s nursery. As mentioned before, I’m sticking with a primarily neutral palate for her room, but I want to bring in some pops of pink to add a touch of feminine and a bit of boho with some artwork and accessories. Here are a few of my favorites — but I really can’t stop going back to Sharon Montrose’s ‘Flamingo No. 1′ Print and Britt Brass’ ‘Warm Geos’ Print! I may need to paint a few patterns for her as well!

Flamingo No. 1 / Pink Fox
Un Deux Trois  / Warm Geos
Sekar Laser Cut Artwork / Solar Pink