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Design Terms : Hierarchy

I thought I’d continue a little off of last week’s term, white space, with Hierarchy.  This one might be more widely understood, because it doesn’t pertain only to design. But when it comes to visual hierarchy, it’s about the organization of content, emphasizing some pieces, while diminishing others. A few simple ways of doing this is through sizing, font weights, colors, placement, grouping, white space and more.

Take a look around you, magazines, books, websites, logos, etc., you’ll begin to notice those small little details everywhere!



Design Terms : White Space

If I could only pick one term to learn as a designer it would be ‘white space.’ It makes a HUGE difference in your work when you learn how to use it. It’s so easy to want to cram a page full of text, images and design — but everything needs room to breathe. White space is helpful because it’s a great way to create hierarchy by grouping certain design elements together and separating others.

A common misconception with white space is that it’s actually white. In reality, it’s just the negative space within a design or image. Anywhere that your eye can rest is really important.

Just remember — let your design breathe!

Check out this article on Smashing Magazine, its full of resources on white space and simplicity.


Design Terms : Justify

Introducing — a new blog column! I’m going to be sharing various design terms that I either use quite often with my clients or they’re good terms to know if you’re learning design. The terms are always going to be really simple definitions, either direct from a legitimate definition or in my own words.  I may also send you to some other resources you can check out for more details!

The first term to learn is ‘Justify’ – this one is pretty simple and you probably come across it more than you know. It’s the alignment of both the left and right margins of a body of text. The body of text on this blog is an example of this! Although, when used, it can be tricky because large gaps can occur because the words are forced to the edges. But it can also make for clean, straight edges on the page.