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Winter Layers

Winter is my favorite time of year because it means layers. Then again, winter in California has a completely different meaning then the rest of the country. The past couple weeks have been quite cold, for Southern California. It’s really funny seeing everyone’s reaction to it — have you seen this video? Growing up in the mid-west, I know what cold means, but you really do aclimate to temperatures! Although, that video might be a bit absurd…
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Winde Rienstra

One of my favorite things in fashion are lines like this. Winde Rienstra’s mix between art and fashion. Especially when textures, multi-dimensional forms, and mixes in textiles are involved. They’re so beautiful.

Here’s a little excerpt from a studio visit with Winde Rienstra —

With my collections I try to look for the fine line between fashion and art, I find it interesting to see the body as a sculpture in my design. The designs are somewhere between clothing and object…” 

Check out the rest of the interview and more images from Winde’s studio on Dam Style.


Travel Bags

Ryan and I are traveling a bunch in the next couple months and I’m on the look out for a new carry-on bag / purse. The one I have now, is starting to fall apart, due to the fact that it’s filled with my computer, books, etc. and the cheap straps can’t handle the weight.

Here are a few that stood out while I was on the search!
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Summer / Fall Outfit

While most of the country seems to be transitioning into at least some what cooler temps, we’re still going strong with the weather forecast to be 100* this weekend. But I’m so desperate for fall! It is my favorite time of year, which is kind of non-existent here… so I thought I’d put together a perfect warm fall outfit. Hopefully sweater weather is around the corner?? (probably not).

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