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Spaces // John + Alex Choura

I’m excited to share this week’s Spaces with you guys because it’s the workspace of two of my friends from the days of our undergrad design program and the best part of it all, they got married. John and Alex Choura have the perfect apartment nearly right on the beach ( jealous ). I think the perfect thing about this design pair is that they both have their own styles and they’re both crazy talented in what they do. John is always dribbbling really amazing shots from work, and Alex is either baking amazing treats ( I tell her she’s giving Martha Stewart a run for her money ) or illustrating type for her new paper shop, Golden Pines. Check ’em out!

Tell us about yourself as a creative.
[Alex] I am a full time freelance graphic designer. I graduated from Biola thinking I was going to go work for a design firm or company of some sort and ended up pursuing my own business instead. Along with doing freelance I recently started a paper goods shop with one of my illustrator friends. It’s been so great being able to design and create paper goods as I see beautiful.

[John] I’m a graphic designer, who works full time at Biola University,  and dabbles in freelance form time to time. I really love working with typography and illustration, and i get a strange sense of satisfaction when i work with developing grid systems and making creative connections within those constraints.

Describe your creative journey.
[Alex] I’ve always been the ‘creative type’ you could say. I was constantly changing the styles of my rooms as a child, I still to this day love to bake and make yummy beautiful treats and in high school I was always the girl with the ‘good handwriting’ in my art classes.  I always knew I loved to be creative but it wasn’t until my senior year in high school when I realized it was designing. I graduated from Biola University with a BFA in graphic design a little over a year ago and have been designing ever since.

[John] For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a longing to design well. Even when I was a young boy I remember analyzing how I thought objects could be built or designed better. The Biola Art dept. helped  defined me and gave me the means with which to go forth and make my work. My wife Alex helps challenge me everyday as a designer, we help each other grow.

Share a little bit about your space.
Neither one of us wouldn’t claim this space as just one of ours. Before we got married, we always knew we wanted to share a creative workspace. [Alex speaking] Our desk  was hand made by John to fit the both of us, and we decorated the space together. [John Speaking] Alex’s side definitely sees more use than mine, she works here full time during the day when I’m off at my job, so her side has more personality as well as daily function. Our apartment is small, so our office is in the the middle of our living room, but luckily we have the beach right outside for when we get cabin fever. It’s a humble little place, but we love it.

What’s your favorite thing about your space?
[Alex] I love that the desk is against a huge white wall full of fun pieces of art and then I can turn around and see the beautiful beach. It is the best of both worlds!

[John] With a cup of coffee, my Wacom tablet, and my Wife and Chai (our cat) sitting close by, i can typically bust through design problems in my projects.

What’s one thing you think every creative needs in their space?
[Alex] A window! I think every creative needs to be able to take there eyes off a screen or whatever else they have been staring at all day and look at something natural. Wether that window looks out onto the beach or a busy city it is worth it.

[John] Bright light; Natural wood; and a comfortable environment that isn’t too boring or distracting.

Thanks John + Alex for sharing!

Check them out:

John: Website | Dribbble | Twitter | Blog | Print Shop

Alex: Website | Paper Shop | Blog | Twitter | Dribbble


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    My favorite spot is the wall in the first photo!

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