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Archive: Dec 2012

Spaces // Erin Vaughan

Let’s kick off the New Year with another Spaces interview and peek into illustrator, Erin Vaughan‘s workspace. Erin and I did our undergrad together and even shared a studio space on campus while working on my senior show. Erin has the most beautiful and unique illustration style, that is perfectly her. She also has a little paper shop, but I’ll let her share that with you! Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself as a creative.
I graduated from Biola University with a Interdisciplinary Studio Arts degree. My degree enabled me to study both painting and drawing as well as some design, thus towards then end of college I dove into Illustration more seriously. Since graduating I have started working full time as a Freelance illustrator and have started a papershop business with my friend and designer Alex Choura, called Golden Pines Paper Shop. For now we are specializing in holiday cards, but are in the process of creating other stationary/papergoods for our brand.. I do the illustration and Alex does all of the design and hand-painted lettering.

Describe your creative journey
Growing up I was always either crafting, building, or drawing something. On days that I wasn’t running around outside I spent time working at my little art bench my parents had set up for me in the garage. I grew up in a family and extended family that was very artistic and always encouraged creativity. Yet, I don’t know if I ever thought that I would be able to pursue art as a career. But in high school I started pursuing art more seriously and by the time college rolled around I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else.

I also think traveling and those types of experiences helped drive me to where I am now. My family spent many of our summers and breaks road tripping around the country and spent every summer camping. These places and experiences helped teach me how to really see things and still give me inspiration for the things I make.

Share a little bit about your space.
I’m currently living back at my parents house in order to save some money for a while, and they have been more then helpful to me in pursuing my artistic career. They have graciously cleared a space in their garage to allow me to build a studio. It is perfect and I couldn’t be more thankful that I get to work in it everyday. The walls are actually recycled from my Senior Show Exhibition from college. Other furniture and things from the space are just an accumilation of items from my old apartment and from my studio from school.

What’s your favorite thing about your space?
I actually really love having a garage door that is open most of the time while I work. It’s so nice to get out to the studio in the mornings with the cool crisp air coming through and the natural light pouring in. On the flips-ide when it’s a cloudy day or I want to work at night the lighting is defiantly a challenge. My other favorite thing about the space is having room to have two desk spaces for when I need to spread out, and having my couch for visitors, coffee breaks or a place for my dog Maddy to sit by me all day.

What’s one thing you think every creative needs in their space?
I think it’s important to have areas for your eyes to rest in your space.

I think the artwork benefits when you have other things to bring your eyes up to help  your mind to think, whether that’s a window to look out of, other artwork on the walls, pretty things to look at, or good books with words or images. Your eyes need rest, to rejuvenate, to breath, so then when you get back to what you’re making you have more things to help that work grow and change.

Thanks Erin!

Check her out: Website | Blog | Twitter | Paper Shop


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone! I wanted to share our Christmas cards with you — it’s the first time we’ve sent them out, so I’m a bit excited about them! And I’m even more excited about them because of the beautiful photography behind them. Ryan and I recently did a little photoshoot at Griffith Observatory with Lehua Noelle and I couldn’t resist using them for our cards. Lehua is a really talented photographer (and designer!) that I worked with prior to freelancing, but now creates beautiful images and designs at Poketo.

I also wanted to thank each one of you for this past year. Your support has been so encouraging. From the comments you leave to your notes on twitter. I’ve had so much fun sharing with you this year, I can’t wait to see what this next year brings.

What are your plans for the holidays? We’re headed to the snow! We couldn’t be more excited about a White Christmas!
Photos by Lehua Noelle 



New Prints

I know, I know. This is a bit late for Christmas — but I’ve made a few new iPhone cases for Society6! I thought it might be fun to have some black & white case options. So I explored some techniques and textures with gauche! Enjoy!
*Update: prints also available with cream backgrounds!

Of A Kind

Are you subscribed to Of A Kind? It’s not just another shopping subscription site, it’s filled with beautifully curated pieces with a limited number of editions. I love opening their emails and checking out the newest pieces. I think what stands out most to me are the beautiful images of the pieces – it makes the curation perfectly cohesive.