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Archive: Feb 2013

Color Collection : Yellow

To brighten up your week!

1 – Nikole SparksWedding Mark   |   2 – MadewellGola Sneakers   |   3 – Dwell StudioOsa Mustard Pillow   |   4 –  AcreStudio Branding   |    5 – Madewell – Meadowlace Tee   |   6 – Aaron BouvierJumpstreet Icons   |   7 – AreawareiPhone Dock   |   8 – Rebecca MinkoffLeather Sunnies Case   |   9 – Jon ContinoAlways Stay On Top   |   10 – TypeandtitleYellow Triangles iPhone Case    |   11 – West Elm – Task Lamp



After posting about the busy article on Thursday last week (and hearing all your similar opinons!), plus some thoughts I’ve been having for a while now,  I’ve been thinking about what needs changing in terms of my business – designing + blogging.

The business side of designing has really been a learning experience and one that as designers, I think we’ll always be figuring out. But I’ve recently had to remind myself why I’m doing this – because I love it.

That’s what matters, right?

With the new site + blog coming soon, I’m trying to figure out exactly what I’m most excited about when working with clients and sharing with you. As readers, what are some things you’re most excited about when reading through the blog?

Photos from our weekend away.


Glorification of Busy

I don’t normally do posts like this, the ones that are vulnerable or thought provoking, because it’s not really me. I’m definitely not a writer, so this space has always been more visual. But my friend Liz, shared this article with me today about the glorification of busy in our industry, written by Andrew Dumont. So I’m just going to tell you to go read it.

I’m not going to say much, other than he’s so right. I continually find myself working just to work, just ask my husband who often reminds me to just take breaks. I always feel there is something that needs to get done or there is something I could be doing better because someone else is working harder, but like Andrew says “…our bodies can only handle so much heads-down production. It’s the law of diminishing returns, and it’s very real. It’s something that downing a few more cans of RedBull can’t solve. Trust me, I’ve tired.”

“Let’s stop glorifying over-work, and start congratulating smart work. The truly brilliant people in the world are those that elegantly balance a heavy-workload and the rest of their life. They’re also the most satisfied.”Andrew Dumont

Underwater Image


Color Collection : Grey

Rounding up my favorite color – grey!

1 – West ElmSaddle Office Chair   |   2 – Birch StudioJooji Logo   |   3 – Eva BlackFour Cream   |   4 – Emily OkadaSeth Godin Quote   |   5 – EssieChinchilly   |   6 – Sticks Stones81 Wetsuits   |   7 –  TopshopOversized Dip Dye Tee   |   8 – Manic DesignManor Studio   |   9 – AnthopologieConvent Alarm Clock   |   10 – The MilaneseCarine Typeface   |   11 – MadewellSuper Cicco Eyeglasses   |   12 – Crate & BarrelOlin Grey Rug


Behance Find : Dwell

I’ve recently joined Behance because I continually find amazing design work there. I feel like Behance was one of those things you joined back during Undergrad but I never got into it. I really feel like it’s a great place to find really mature and wise design work because not only is it filled with great designers, but some of the bigger design agencies display their work on it. Go get inspired! 
This project, by Yi Xiang Lim, is an identity and layout design pitch for Dwell, a travel guide to coastal cities. I seriously wish I could get my hands on it. Not only am I loving it’s identity, but the layouts, colors, and textures look so great. I’m also a big fan of mixing textures, I think it really adds to the experience of flipping through the magazine. Check out more images from the project on Behance.