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Introducing — Alex Yeske! Alex has my (and I’m sure many others) dream job — she’s a graphic designer at Madewell! So of course, her workspace is perfectly beautiful. Alex is also a blogger at her perfectly curated blog, Dreams and Jeans. Check her out!

Tell us about yourself as a creative.
Hi everyone! I’m Alex and I’m a graphic designer living in NYC. I currently work as a graphic designer at Madewell and do some freelance work on the side. I design mostly print pieces now, but also do a bit of web design and art direction.

Describe your creative journey.
I always knew I wanted to go into some sort of design, but it wasn’t until high school that I decided on graphic design. I ended up at Syracuse University and majored in Communications Design (like Jen!). The program is one of the best out there in that it really prepares you for the real world and it allows you to explore your interests through graphic design. We dreamed up every one of our projects and did everything from the naming, copywriting, and of course the design. I always had a small desire to work in the fashion industry but never knew how. iIt wasn’t until I was in college that I realized I could work in fashion through graphic design. During my last semester, I networked like crazy because I didn’t have any experience in fashion and ultimately it paid off and got me to my current job!

Share a little bit about your space.
We just moved to this apartment in November and I’m so thrilled to finally have a workspace (even though it’s small)! It’s made such a difference in my design work and blogging just to have a place I can really sit down and work at.

What’s your favorite thing about your space?
It’s a toss up! I love the light we get in this room – it’s extremely important to me to have good light in a workspace. I also love having a big wall to hang stuff on. I’m always switching out what hangs there, whether it’s inspiration or framed prints. I actually just painted this blue geometric piece and love the pop of color it brings.

What’s one thing you think every creative needs in their space?
Natural light and windows are so important to me and I think are essential to a workspace. I love being able to look outside when I need a break and I also feel that looking outside makes me feel more inspired!

Thanks Alex!

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One comment

  1. April 15, 2013

    I’ve been thinking about re-vamping my workspace at home in order to be more organized – or at least try to! This column is such a great inspiration for that!
    Also love the blog name dreams and jeans. And she works at Madwell?! Yes, serious graphic design envy going on right now!!

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