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Archive: Oct 2013

Recent Work: Jenna Leigh Brand Update

One of the first few freelance projects I took on back in 2011, when I was finishing school, was for Jenna Kutcher of Photographs by Jenna Leigh. It was really exciting creating for others and I started realizing this might be something I’d love doing! **See the original blog post from early 2011, for her original project — back around the time I first started blogging!

Flash forward to this fall and Jenna reached out about wanting to update her brand, without losing recognition. Like many businesses/brands, they evolve and grow into themselves as time goes on. She wanted to move away from the vintage feel to something a little more organic and modern. She loved the watercolor look, so I took her old logo and basically recreated it in a watercolor version, updating her flower, hand lettering her name, watercoloring her badge and updating her color palate. I LOVE the update! I think it still speaks strongly to her old brand, but it’s the perfect refresh. Sometimes you just need a little refresh!


Recent Work: Ember Grove Website

Around this time last year, I worked with Rachel Yoder of Ember Grove to brand her photography business. We created a beautiful logo that would perfectly represent her and her work. She came to me this year, to create a website and blog for her growing business. I really love clients like this that maybe, just starting out, decide they’d like to start with the basics, and later on invest more into their businesses. It’s a great way to start out! Since we had an established brand, it was pretty easy to create something that would show off her work, while getting clients interested in her style. I love that we where able to incorporate some watercolor, I think it really makes her site stand out. Her site includes a lot of nature-esque details, as this is an important piece to her brand.

Take a look! Her work is really beautiful!

Thanks to Areus Wade, for bringing her site to life!


Recent Work : Heather Hawkins Photography

Take a look at a new project we wrapped up this week with Heather Hawkins! I got an email from Heather a while back inquiring about working together — and I thought, ‘her name sounds familiar!’ Turns out, I was following her on Instagram (she’s ultra talented)! So of course I was extremely excited about working together. Once we got chatting about her site details, I realized I was going to have a blast designing for her. Heather wanted a one page site, and each ‘page (about, portfolio, contact)’ would have a section of the one page. I really love this style and think it’s becoming more and popular. It’s a great alternative to a simple 4 page site, in a more interesting way. We also designed a simple one column blog to match. With the help of Zoe Rooney’s amazing development skills, we where able to create the site that Heather envisioned.

Check it out!



As many of you know (from my Instagram account, a few weeks ago), I’ve been super quiet around here because we’re having a baby! I’m 18 weeks pregnant and doing really well. Initially, during the first trimester, I was really wiped out, most of my energy went to my clients and resting for the babe. Which is why I’ve been pretty quiet. I’m also taking a bit of a break from my regular blogging schedule, and things might look a little different around here, but I’m so excited about this new adventure. We’ll be finding out the sex in a couple weeks. I may or may not already be planning the nursery 🙂 As of now,  I’m going to downsize my office, and fit the nursery and office together. Does anyone have experience with a nursery/office combo? Does this make working impossible? 

Will share more details and ideas soon!