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Archive: Sep 2014

Mabel’s Birth Announcement

Here’s a look at Mabel’s birth announcement! It took me a while to get these out so they doubled as ‘Thank-You’s’ on the backside. I can’t believe these photos where taken when she was just 2 weeks old! Time has FLOWN by. They were shot by the amazing Kayla Adams. I’m so thankful that she took these for us, they’re perfect. This photo in particular worked so perfectly with what I had in mind for the announcement.


Outdoor Living

With our new place, we finally have a little space outside. This was something we’d always been craving. Right now, we’ve got a table + chairs (which we frequent at meal times). In fact, my old desk has now been converted to a table outside. Instead of cutting it down to fit in our new place, we opted to leave it as-is and use it outside. Thankfully, due to California’s laid back weather + the use of a tarp, I think it should work just fine. I went ahead and bought these chairs from Ikea. We decided they’d would be a good option with the salty, moist, sea air. I originally loved the White Overstock Tabouret chairs, but being metal, they’d probably rust.

We have a little space left, and we’d love to fill it with a couple lounge chairs. I’ve been on the hunt. Here are a few options I’ve found! I’m hesitant on the Ikea chair, because I’m not sure how comfy it looks?? Anyone try those out?

Threshold Faux Wood Adirondack Chair / White High Back Lounge Chair / Huron Small Lounge / Brommo Chaise Lounge 

Wire Side Table / Martini Side Table / Bubble Ceramic Side Table

We’re also planning on building a little container vegetable garden, which I’ll share on later. We don’t know much about gardening but we’re both pretty excited to give it a try. Any gardening tips?

Find the perfect chairs, string our cafe lights, build a garden + we’ll never leave outside!


All Things New

Things have been so (wonderfully) crazy over here.

Besides being busy with the little one, we moved last month!
To. the. beach. We’re stoked!

It’s been a dream of ours for a while + we decided why not? We found the perfect little rental and decided to go for it. Once we moved, and got a little settled, we flew off on vacation. Mabel got to meet all of my extended family in Wisconsin for the first time. She loved it. And so did we.

Now that we’re back and things are starting to settle, I’ve been feeling a desire to get back to work (still sticking to small projects, more on that soon), and hoping to jump back to the blog every now and then too! Now that Mabel is 6 months old (what!?), I’m feeling like we got this ‘life’ thing down. When she naps, it’s time to get stuff done!

So, hopefully this little space won’t be so quiet from now on. Even if it looks a little different than it used too…