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I used to make sure I was creating unique content and uploading blog posts daily, making sure you, the reader, stayed interested, but, it’s been almost a year since my last blog post.

Over the past two years, my work has changed drastically. I used to wake up, spend the day at my computer, take the night off and start all over again the next day. Your pretty typical ‘work from home’ entrepreneur. My life revolved around my job. And I loved it. I had no idea what to expect when our baby girl came. We went through a big adjustment, and part of that was with my job. For a long time, I had no creative desire, whatsoever, or drive to get back to what I knew as ‘my creative normal.’ And, I think in part, it was because I was scared that I would never be able to have that ‘normal’ again, so I didn’t even want to try. It has taken me two years to find my confidence within my work again, it was a slow process of finding more and more time to work. Sure, I’m not working as much as I used to, my days don’t revolve around following the latest design trends, or reading all my favorite blogs, but, this new normal is starting to feel like ‘my normal’ again.

Going from an entrepreneur to ‘momentrepreneur’ felt in some ways, like starting from scratch again. But this time, I’ve got the most amazing little nugget trying to pound on my keyboard and steal all my paint brushes, all while secretly cheering me on.