Design + Style : #5 / With Liz Grant

I’m so excited to share this week’s Design + Style Post from Liz Grant of Liz Designs Things.  I love her take on this weeks post. I met Liz through twitter recently and have loved chatting with her about various things like freelancing! She’s a gem and creates some beautiful work. This won’t be the last time Liz will be contributing – stay tuned for more.

From Liz:
For this week’s Design + Style Post, both images have an abstract aesthetic to them, with a fresh color scheme. Seriously, this girl has mad style, right?! That necklace, with those shades, throw in the pop of red,  perfection.
Design + Style


Design + Style : #3

This week’s Design + Style feature is so simple, beautiful and feminine. The curves in the logo even mimic the curves in her lace. If you could pick a design for your outfit today, what would it be?
Design + Style


Design + Style : #2

It seemed only fitting to bring these too together. How perfect are the colors together? Color blocking in both forms.

Design + Style

Design + Style : #1

I’ve decided to start a new inspirational little weekly series combining design + style. I love matching the two together – if this girl had a brand this is what it could be.  Feminine and classic with a bit of a kick.

Design + Style