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Wellen Women

Last summer I backed my first Kickstarter with this amazing ocean inspired women’s brand, Wellen Women. After the Kickstarter was complete, I received one of their perfect pocket tees. And by perfect I mean, the perfect boxy, soft, everyday tee. It’s one of those that, as soon as it’s clean again, it’s the first thing I wear.

So, I’m excited to share that I’ve teamed up with Wellen Women to give you an exclusive 15% off coupon code! Treat yourself to one of their tees or the beautiful striped sweatshirt!

Use the code ‘evaLOVESwellen’ when you check out, to receive your 15% off coupon.


The Perfect Straw Hat

I’ve been on the look out for a new straw hat for summer. Something with a wide brim — a mix between a floppy hat and a short brim fedora. Here are some favorites I came across! I had my eye on the top right hat ( two ) for a while, but I just found the top hat for a steal! It’s hard not to pass up on such a deal.

What’s your favorite summer hat style?

From Clockwise: One / Two / Three / Four


Work Attire

Most of the time when people hear ‘working from home’, they think, ‘oh! wearing your pajama’s all day!’ — and maybe some people do! But I feel really uninspired and almost ‘blah’ if I work in sweats all day. Then I read Megan Gonzalez of Mae Mae Paperie’s interview with The Everygirl yesterday, and she’s SO right. Megan was talking about how she was inspired after reading Twyla Tharp’s, ‘The Creative Habit‘ (which I also highly recommend reading!), she explained… <


Yes—you are an artist, but it’s a job. You can’t show up in your PJ’s and expect brilliant ideas and vibrant patterns to be in your client’s inbox by the end of the day.


What do you guys wear while your working? Do you feel that on days when you make yourself presentable you work better? I know I do. When you feel confident in yourself, your creative + work process will follow. Or does working in sweats versus working in jeans not make a difference to you? 

I put together a standard outfit you’ll usually catch me wearing – jeans, oversized tee + sweater (because of course you want to at least be comfy) and I can’t forget my llama necklace from Madewell that I wear everyday (here’s a similar giraffe one!).

Sweater / Necklace / Tee / Jeans