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Site Update!

Things have slowly been evolving around here, with a new logo, new project photos and updates, new profile pictures, small updates to my site design. Special thanks to my girl Kayla Adams for helping me update my photos! And to Aaron Wade for always updating the dev of my site.

I decided it was time for a new logo. I’ve had the same logo since day one. I made small changes as time went on, but I felt I wanted something completely new. I’ve been really into lettering that’s raw, energetic, and loose. I felt it was time to move on from my signature cursive because that’s no longer my personal style. The more work we make the more our own personal styles come out, and I think it’s a good thing, because it shows that we’re growing and evolving.



Shop Now!

The shop is officially open! Get your hands on something!

A few years ago I made some artwork and uploaded them to my Society6 shop, as a fun side project. Over time I’ve added a few other things and have honestly, been blow away by YOUR support. From day one, I’ve wanted to open my own shop, having something that was really an extension of me! Society6 gives you this option, without having to deal with all the extras. But, since having Mabel, I’ve started painting again, and I thought now would be a perfect time to launch my very own shop. If you follow along on Instagram, you probably noticed that I’m constantly inspired by the ocean, climate, and nature of living at the beach. So, it’s no surprise that that’s where I drew my inspiration for the shop.

Take a look and let me know your favorites!



I’m in the process of something really exciting — redesigning my website & blog! Right now I’m wrapping up design on it and I’ve really noticed a shift in certain design aspects that I’m really drawn to. Here are a few things I’ve been pinning recently! Can’t wait to show you all.



I always get excited about new technology/apps/anything that helps productivity ( or are just plan awesome ) — and I’ve recently started using BusyCal for my calendar. I was originally just using iCal, but ran into some issues with syncing, because my account is with google calendar. So after doing some research and trying the free version of BusyCal, I was hooked.

Some great aspects to it:

• I used to use TeuxDeux for everything. BUT BusyCal has it’s own To Do lists (on the right hand side). Plus this syncs with Apple’s reminders app, so I can access them from my phone on the go! I can also add certain To Do’s on whatever day in my calendar, tomorrow of even three weeks ahead. I think I also like having the To Do’s right near my calendar so everything is together in one place.



Brand + Website Launch : Make Me Joyful

I’m excited to share a recent brand + website launch with you! Cheryl of, Make Me Joyful, came to me this spring with big ideas for her new brand. Make Me Joyful is all about making life joyful, just as it should be. Cheryl has some really great ideas behind the brand and I can’t wait to see where it goes! Here’s a peak into the site, but be sure to head over and check it out live,