Poppy Hair Extensions

Services: Branding, Visual Identity, Packaging Design

Date: 2017


Poppy Hair Extensions was created after an initial business project with Sara Rash was changed from a Hair Salon to Extensions. She wanted to keep the brand going in the direction we first started with but change the name from Luxe to Poppy. Sara wanted a brand identity that felt minimal, edgy, and fashionable.. Something as comfortable as a best friend but unique. The main packaging piece we designed includes a reusable zipper pouch that the customer can use to store their extensions. Often times, extensions don’t come with a way to be properly stored when not in use, so this was a key part that Sara wanted to include.  It also includes extension packaging inserts, stickers, hang tags, thank you notes, and store signage. This project included branding, visual identity, brand collateral, and packaging.